BBQ in the ghetto

nummersexPosted by Gabriel Sunday, August 08 2010 16:48:33

16:14 Rain is pouring down.

All preparations has been compromised due to the single fact, that of rain. Silly little rain, a dose of h2o fallen from the sky. Hours of carefully and deliberate planned actions has really put a cane in the wheel for a good afternoon in the sun among friends and family. The meat has been marinating slowly for a good couple of hours and the cobs where looking fresher by the minute.

-“Fuck this, let’s run inside instead. This won’t do. “

We all hurried to pack together the rain drenched remainder of a delicious meal while the heavens opened up like it was Amazonas. My shirt now clenched on for dear life, holding my body like it was the last branch separating it from safety and certain death. Both my shoes and underwear where soaked and there was nothing to do about it but to haul ass towards the apartment.

Finally inside begun the salvaging of food, changes to dry clothes and chatter about how typical this is in Sweden. As soon as you plan something outside you can be sure of one thing, there will be rain. Even if the skies are blue and the sun shines stronger than ever, always count on the fact that rain will probably fuck shit up for you. I should’ve followed the advice of my lieutenant, always always always pack another set of clothes. Now I was stuck with my mum’s shirt instead and mildly cold and moist shorts, but it could be worse.

18:30 I hadn’t noticed it before until the restless wait took its toll on me; I was hungry, seriously hungry. While the host defied the ungodly weather and bravely was outside again to finish barbequing the meat and chicken I sat inside partly apathetic sipping my water. Finally I heard the door open and the seasoning and aroma filled the apartment and like a Pavlov’s dog my mouth began to water. 30 minutes later I sat in the couch fighting food coma. The rest of the night became a success with games, socializing and a really good cake and coffee.

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